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Since September 2020, our 4th graders have been participating in the eTwinning project ''A JOURNEY THROUGH THE WATER''. The project founders are two primary school teachers: Monica Frigerio (Italy) and Lacrimioara Sabareanu (Romania). The project has gathered 125 members up to now. It deals with different types of water in students' surroundings (sea, lake or river) and many various tasks have already been given to the teachers and students.

The project leaders for our school are the Information Science teacher Goranka Herljević and the primary English teacher Andrijana Simčić.

In September 2020, the project was introduced to our students in the natural environment. That is, we visited a little creek in the forest just behind our school, gave ideas for the creek name and voted for the best name. So our little creek got a name: Vodobrkić (author: Zvonimir Liker). We also invented two short poems about our creek. 

In October 2020, we visited our Vodobrkić for the second time. We observed the change that occurs in the nature and around our creek in the autumn and each student took their individual photo of the creek. We were also getting motivation for our next project activity called WATER IN ART where the students had to paint a lake or a river in Gorski Kotar and upload their paintings into a digital tool called eMAZE.

In November/December 2020, the paintings were created with the help of teacher Andrijana's mentoring and uploaded during Information Science classess along with teacher Goranka's mentoring. You can take a look at their virtual exhibition by clicking on the following link:

We are especially proud because the students did the most of the work by themselves.

On 1 December 2020, our 1st grade teacher Ms Gordana Podobnik was our guest in the 4th grade classroom. The reason is she wrote a picturebook about water 17 years ago. The nameo f the piturebook is ''Gorski potok Klok'' (''Mountain creek Klok''). We found the picturebook in our school library and liked it a lot. We wanted to learn more about how Ms Gordana came to the idea of writing this picturebook and how long did it take to write it, so we invited her to our classroom where she first read her picturebook to us. We had many questions before and after her reading and were so happy and grateful to have the author of this beautiful picturebook with us.

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Dear pupils, teachers and parents,

a Magic Advent Calendar has been created for you. smiley From 1 December to 24 December 2020 you can open one door per day (just follow the numbers in order from 1 to 24), read the task carefully and send the answer to teacher Andrijana through Viber. This is kind of a competition so the ones who reach to the end and send all the correct answers, will also get the reward. Your parents can help a bit, of course. wink

You can reach the Magic Advent Calendar via the following link:

Enjoy! I hope you would like it as much as your teacher liked creating it. Good luck!


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