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On 3 June 2021, all the teachers partners of the eTwinning project ''A JOURNEY THROUGH THE WATER'' participated in their last online meeting where we dealt with the project evaluation and expressed our thoughts and wishes regarding the project.

On 8 June 2021, 4th grade pupils with their class teacher Nataša Lakotić, ICT teacher Goranka Herljević, school pedagogue Monika Stepić and English teacher Andrijana Simčić went for a walk to a nearby hill - Javorova kosa. We started from the school parking lot, and the main goal of this walk was to visit God's well (Božji studenac), a natural spring of drinking water at the very top of Javorova kosa. Since the pupils had researched a local legend about this source in one of the project stages, we thought it would be useful and nice to experience it live. Legend has it that the water coming from this spring has healing properties for eyes: if you wash your eyes with the water from the well of God, your eyesight will surely improve. Each participant of our walk first washed their eyes in fresh and cold water from the spring and then we all tasted it and filled our bottles with it. We concluded that it tastes great and feels really refreshing on a hot summer day. The spring is also associated with the curiosity that it never dries out, not even in the periods of long summer droughts.

Besides the visit to the God's well, we also walked to the famous Ravna Gora lookout - Panorama - and the mountain house Javorova kosa where we replenished ourselves . Full of joyful experience, we returned to school by a forest path, and then by a road that passes through the local village Vrh.

The walk was also the last activity we planned within the mentioned eTwinning project on water. This extensive project has made us aware of the existence and importance of local water resources. Although due to the situation and restrictions regarding COVID 19 we were limited to only local types of water, we were reminded and unanimously concluded that Ravna Gora is blessed with beautiful nature and natural sites that are always and will always be within our reach.


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Dear pupils, teachers and parents,

a Magic Advent Calendar has been created for you. smiley From 1 December to 24 December 2020 you can open one door per day (just follow the numbers in order from 1 to 24), read the task carefully and send the answer to teacher Andrijana through Viber. This is kind of a competition so the ones who reach to the end and send all the correct answers, will also get the reward. Your parents can help a bit, of course. wink

You can reach the Magic Advent Calendar via the following link:

Enjoy! I hope you would like it as much as your teacher liked creating it. Good luck!


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