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The "MAGIC ADVENT CALENDAR" competition, which lasted from the beginning of December until Christmas Eve 2020, has come to an end. A total of 54 students from our school participated in it, but only 13 of them reached the very end.

The finalists were diligently opening the windows on the calendar and sent one correct answer every day from December 1 to 24 2020. By doing so and reaching to the very end, they were rewarded with a special gift provided by the school. These are: Josipa Burić (1st grade), Nika KaparićNoa StepićTara Stepić and Stephanie Svetličić (2nd grade), Mateo BonjšakKatija BurićDora JakovacGabrijel Kordiš and Boris Svetličić (3rd grade), Marta Hlača and Hana Mirković (4th grade) and Dorotea Stepić (5th grade).

There was a lot of laughter and also some tears during the competition, joy for those who would pass on and sadness for those who would fall out. Messages to the organizers were sent at all times: the first ones used to arrive early in the morning, and the last ones literally few minutes before midnight. The answers were also very creative and original, and we will particularly remember our 2nd grader Dejana Hajder for a long time. Namely, each of her answers was hand-written, and the full words of a not very short Christmas song…

We congratulate all the competitors on their efforts, especially the finalists! Merry Christmas!

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objavio: Andrijana Simčić   datum: 22. 12. 2020.


Dear pupils, teachers and parents,

a Magic Advent Calendar has been created for you. smiley From 1 December to 24 December 2020 you can open one door per day (just follow the numbers in order from 1 to 24), read the task carefully and send the answer to teacher Andrijana through Viber. This is kind of a competition so the ones who reach to the end and send all the correct answers, will also get the reward. Your parents can help a bit, of course. wink

You can reach the Magic Advent Calendar via the following link:

Enjoy! I hope you would like it as much as your teacher liked creating it. Good luck!


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